Creating outcome-based solutions 
for the Insurance industry

We enable insurance companies to successfully achieve digital transformation, using cutting-edge technology to address pain points in the claim experience.

"Our Brand Ethos and Values inspire everything we do."

Larry Parker, Chief Product Officer


Advancing the revolution

When you bring change that truly moves the needle—instead of just advancing things in incremental fashion—you need to be prepared to deal with obstacles. The greater the push, the more friction you can expect. Our team never loses sight of achieving the goal.


Breaking the secrecy

The Insurance industry requires a high level of confidentiality, but this vested control seems to have extended into all facets of the business. We believe that if your model truly provides value for every stakeholder, there’s no room for confusion or withholding information.


Advancing the Revolution

We play on the cutting-edge. To succeed, we must be alert to the changes in our environment. Vigilance requires relaxed concentration. It’s a nimble awareness. We’re constantly listening to what’s happening in the market and adapting our solutions accordingly.

Vigilant - Eagle


Disrupting the status quo

We love to find new solutions to old problems, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. To us, innovation is about purposeful improvement. We innovate because we believe that making a habit of getting better is the best way to maintain a competitive advantage.


Smashing through barriers

When someone says, “You can’t,” we say, “Watch us.” We’re disrupting a multi-billion dollar market, and that’s where we like to play. Our confidence is fueled by passion. Far too many companies play cautious and not push the limits – We’re all in.