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Grow your business with high-quality jobs.


Westhill sends contractors qualified jobs in the insurance and institutional markets. Contractors keep in sync with the property owner with real-time updates including estimate, scope, and schedules for a better customer experience.
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Win high-quality jobs with Westhill

That's right! Westhill works closely with insurance carriers and institutions to provide only high-quality jobs. 


one job, one contractor

With this method, contractors can focus their undivided attention on the property owner's satisfaction without worrying about the burden of competition.


High-close ratio

Westhill brings qualified jobs ready to start work. Leveraging technology, we match you with projects that fit your scope of services and service area.


Pay only on jobs you win

Your success is our success. Westhill does not charge for enrollment or when we send you a job. Simply, when you complete a job, contractors pay a small percentage of the total contract value.

expand your markets

We provide both residential and commercial opportunities. Our strong partnerships with trusted top name companies helps access a new market of possibilities that is exclusively available to Westhill contractors.



Westhill continues to build the premier contractor network in the market by selecting the most trusted contractors in the nation. When evaluating contractors to become part of the Westhill network, the following are considered:

Active state business registration
Valid state-level license, where applicable
Background check for employees
Strong Online reputation & reviews
Appropriate liability insurance coverage
Extended Workmanship warranties
affiliation with professional organizations
Premium brand affiliation


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